Thank you for all the dances I've been to this fall and winter. They have been profoundly healing and transformative to me, at a time in my life when I very much needed centering and community. You have a powerful gift for the work that you do, and I have learned so much watching the way that you work, mothering the dance and moving energy in a way that creates a safe and inclusive place for all.
Polly Trout, Ph.D

When I was in my twenties and going to college there was a time in the privacy and sanctuary of my little apartment when I'd turn up my favorite music, move the furniture out of the way, draw the curtains and dance wildly and beautifully to my heart's content. I was my own partner and it was a delight to connect with myself in this way. I'd also sing uninhibited, belting out the lines while letting the music and movement rush through my body bringing me into new states of joy, release, clarity and love. As much as I relished dancing with myself in this manner, somewhere along the way I stopped. So I was absolutely thrilled to discover Gypsie Nation where free-style dance is offered in a sacred setting. Now the room is bigger, the music better and there is a community of like-minded people who share this experience of freedom together. Gypsie Nation is one part Sufi dance, one part trance dance, and a thousand parts innovation. Thank you for making this possible!
Suzanne Sims, Author - "Healing Vacations in Hawaii"

I have to say it again, it was such a complete blessing to dance with you almost every week of my stay on the Big Island of Hawai'i. I can say with no hesitation that the sacred space you created, allowed for the freest explorations and discoveries that changed me forever. You have been moved and inspired to create something that has been touching so many people, and changed them in endless ways. I wanted to thank you for that again, as well as the spirits that guide you, and wish you the most beautiful dances for all the days to come.
Nadine Kreisberger
Advisor to S. Oyun, Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia

The best therapy ever! I have experienced so much healing and release and joy in your space.
Sarah Kate, Artist

You have opened up a door that gives me a new way of looking at ritual and dance.
Karen Petterson

I just wanted to let you know how much beauty and connection this experience of dancing with Gypsie Nation has brought to me.
Collin Patterson, Yoga teacher

I feel gratitude for what I have received from you through the dances and I am sure that I am not alone. You have helped many souls with your work on the Big Island.
Daniela, MA Psychology

Many thanks to you for the dances of healing and sacred communion that you have brought into this community and beyond. We've greatly appreciated the dances and have felt the sincerity and integrity with which you tend them.
Teresa and Marshall, Community organizers and musicians

I am quite blown away by the ritual space, healing, energy and deep medicine that are being created in these dances. I have been doing shamanic journeying, healing and processes for a while now so am not new to rituals or dancing in sacred space, but this is definitely a magical and very special creation that is occurring. I can feel the energies in the dances gaining momentum weekly and I feel intrinsically woven into the process that is occurring as if some divine destiny is unfolding. This is serious times on the planet and I too often feel the weight of doing all that I can to help in the healing process and that time is of the essence. And it is important to embrace and share the joy of being alive in amazing bodies on such a beautiful planet as this, for why else are we doing all this serious healing work?
Celestine. MA Family therapist

Although I’ve never been either a dancer or a joiner, I find myself fully at home in the Gypsie Nation ritual, feeling centered and energized for days to come.

When I say that going to Sunday morning dances is my version of church, people usually look at me funny. But it is. When I step into that gymnasium and close my eyes and feel the energy from all the other moving bodies around me and just let myself go, it is a truly religious experience.
Emma , High School student

Last week, while visiting a friend in Taos, I was invited to go to a dance on Wednesday night. I was prepared with what to expect more or less, and off we went. I really had a wonderful time, met some real nice people and surprised myself in about forty different ways! This coming from a 50 year-old plumbing contractor from out of town who is a musician, but was always too self-conscious to let loose and dance. And I found in doing so, I let go of a lot of baggage I had been toting around. Then proceeded to talk about it for the next few days! All in all, a great experience. It’s an important opportunity for a lot of people on a lot of levels. Thanks for making it available!

For me, the day, the discovery was/is a dream come true! To be able to dance like that, I've never dreamt that something so great could happen: to be able to dance so wild and crazy and with random movements to whatever groove would come through! - and to be in a place where in fact, such movements are encouraged, not looked on in judgement by the rest of the frozen audience! And with so much room to move - on a great floor! -I could be a music nut all I wanted.. and to be with such great company - three supremo babes! And I loved the altars, indeed the whole spirit of the function... I can't really say if I got myself into a meditative state while dancing, or not - probably too many distractions and interesting people to watch. But "pure joy" is a fine-enough state to be in! I am quite looking forward to next time! Thanks so much again!

The nondenominational spiritual aspects of the experience as well as the structure put it in a class all of its own. What makes it so pure is the facilitators energy and how well they contain and hold the space, set the stage with the utmost attention , the pure love that pours out of them to everyone present no matter who or what they are. It shows in every corner with the most minute of detail in decor and such. That is rare anywhere, even in Boulder. How can you relay that? I tell my clients and friends about it all the time so I am rehearsed on this. I am so grateful to you all.

I have totally relished the dance. I dance all the time, but Rachel has never danced so freely since she was a teenager (if then). I have never seen her move with such freedom in the 14 years we've been together, and I've seen the difference it has made in her day-to-day life. WOW. And the boys had a wonderful time too.
Morgan Scherer

I twice had inner spirits visit me during the dance to reassure me that my marriage and love affair with my wife was going to survive and continue. It was that moment and a special psychic visit of my late mother also blessing me and my marriage that made me realize how special sacred dance can be.
Mike Whitty, Ph.D

I was there last week at the Gypsie Nation dance and liked it a lot. This is the time for the world to start dancing and doing sacred ceremonies. I like this concept very much. Keep on with the good work! I visited your website and see this is becoming a nationwide practice. Thank you very much, in the name of all of us that have hope in our future and follow the ancient ways! Blessings of Love and Life,
AumRack, Spiritual Elder