Our Music

Many Afro-Latin music forms propel and ignite the lower body—the hips, the butt, the pelvis, etc. –by letting the downbeat “float”. By de-emphasizing the first beat of each measure, a rhythm becomes more sensual and ethereal; one “floats” outside of the time and space of earthly existence. Repetition creates a timeless, communal otherworld, a cycle that is both rooted in biological rhythms and in the beyond or the meta-biological. Any activation of the hips-sex-butt-pelvis relates to the source of all life, the womb. This kind of music is definitely a respectful prayer in honor of the sweet, the feminine, the great mother-the sensuous life-giving aspects of ourselves and our lives-and to the Earth, the mother of us all. To shake your rump is to be environmentally aware!
David Byrne Composer and lead singer of the group “Talking Heads”

For the first time in history, we have access to high quality recordings of the World’s musical traditions, including an array of new ethnic fusions. This provides us with the extraordinary opportunity to immerse ourselves in a global musical field that has the power to alter our consciousness.

Traditional cultures have relied upon music to awaken the soul. Most music, whether Middle Eastern, Celtic, African or Indian, has been played for centuries and refined to perfection. It contains, embedded in its every nuance, the love, wisdom, spirit and shamanic knowledge of remarkable civilizations. Such music has been used in rituals of initiation, burial, fertility, wedding, harvest, and many other village rites and celebrations.

Contemporary music also has the potential and ability to evoke powerful emotions and take us on spirit journeys. When talented songwriters and musicians create with the intention to heal and inspire, their music is powerful medicine.

Music teams have been created in each of our dance locations. They are comprised of talented musicians, DJ’s, and world music aficionados. Together, they collect and categorize music, and create high quality musical programs for our dances, comprised of a variety of music from around the globe.

The Gypsie Nation programs are richly textured and daring, and can include traditional African, Celtic, Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Latin or Indian music, as well as Hip Hop, House, Reggae, Country, Ballroom, and World fusion music.

We endeavor to present music that is not heard on commercial radio stations, and we support independent artists and music labels. The variety of musical genres in each program is designed to evoke a wide range of emotions, taking participants through transformative, sensual, powerful, uplifting and often playful journeys.

Gypsie Nation stands out in its willingness to present innovative musical programs that can engage all generations, and nurture ritual in a way that fosters the health of the village soul.